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Literally the easiest Lead Management Software online today!

No fancy bells and whistles, just the basic functionalities to help you manage your leads through the sales cycle without the technical headache.

Why Nurker is Better Than the Competition? 

Other CRMs and lead management platforms like SalesForce and Velocify have gotten out of hand with too many features, plug-ins and special APIs that it can take several weeks, even months to setup and learn how to use properly. This is why we took a minimalist approach and designed Nurker to be the easiest lead management software online today.

Managing your existing leads is just as important as generating new ones. Nurker provides an efficient prospect management approach without getting bogged down with trying to adopt bulky new software.

Efficient Deal Management

Nurker’s visual deal management feature will help you understand the flow of your business. This will help you easily target qualified leads, allowing you to develop effective strategies to ensure that you close as many deals as possible.

Activity Planner

When you have hundreds or even thousands of leads, it is vital that you keep track of all activities. Nurker is a free lead management software that allows you to quickly plan and schedule future activities like callbacks, meetings, and more.

Mobile Responsive LMS

Access your leads anytime, anywhere with Nurker’s mobile responsive pages. Our lead management tool has been tested and optimized on mobile devices with varying screen sizes.

Easy Data Analysis

Gain quick access to all useful insights with a simple click of a button. We don’t want to confuse you with complicated tables and lists, so we summarized all data into clean and user-friendly graphs.
Easy to setup, user-friendly, proven

Why we do it

What makes Nurker different from other lead management software?

Fundamentally, all we want to do is help you sell more of your goods in less time. Rather than spending hours working on a spreadsheet and manually analyzing each potential customer, we have developed an online automated approach to managing your prospects. Nurker provides you with a fast and user-friendly online platform that will shave away hours of strenuous data entry from your sales process.

Our solution removes the obsolete spreadsheet from your funnel in favor of a highly graphical interface that is carefully designed with the user’s intuitiveness in mind.

We do it because we believe that all aspects of your business should be convenient, practical, and efficient.

#1. We Keep It Simple

Lead management should never be complicated. Nurker handles all the legwork for you so that your agents can immediately jump in and learn our software without having to go through a steep learning curve. We have developed a free sales lead management system that is intuitive, simple, and most of all, effective.

#2. Nurture High-Quality Leads

Among the first steps in the lead management process is generating new leads. Nurker allows you to see which leads are ready to be passed down to your sales team, relieving your agents from the confusing guesswork. Why keep your qualified leads waiting when you can close them today?

#3. Track Employee Performance

Keeping track of your employee’s performance is now made a lot easier with the help of Nurker lead management software’s Performance Report feature. View and measure which agent contributes most to your campaign’s success and recognize their efforts faster.

Keep track of your lead

Effortlessly drive more conversions with Nurker’s simple and free lead tracking feature. Measure lead activities and find out each of their status with a single click. Access the list of all leads online via any Internet browser so you can respond immediately, wherever you may be. Got lesser qualified leads? Our lead management software will help you nurture them, allowing you to do a follow up whenever you need.

Our online lead management software will redefine your sales funnel. A lot of online CRMs could potentially slow down your sales process by complicating tasks that could otherwise be condensed for improved performance. At Nurker, we know how important it is to get in touch with a lead while it is still hot. We developed this lead management software with one thing in mind: efficiency. Allow us to take away the unnecessary lead tracking steps and provide you with highly interested leads.

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Easy to setup, proven

Get live reports on your leads

Why make data analysis complicated? With Nurker’s automated live report feature, you can gain useful insights about your lead generation campaign at a quick glance. Find out how many leads your agents are generating with the help of our lead summary graph and see the exact number of qualified and unqualified leads. All information are presented in a clean and easy-to-understand interface.

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“Finding a free online lead management tool that delivers their promises is not easy. Luckily, I found out about Nurker. This lead management software allowed me to keep track of my business leads while providing me with useful insights regarding my campaign. Bonus points for its simple interface.”

New to Nurker?

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